§1 General
Upon registration, the member confirms the following listed content and terms without exception. Any changes are reserved at any time. When changes are made, of course, the members are informed.

§2 Service / Liability
We constantly strive to ensure that BTC4Surf.com is always online. However, this can never be guaranteed as disruptive factors, maintenance or eventuality can occur. In addition, we assume no liability for any damage caused or incurred by us. The degraded advertising is constantly checked, but we still distance ourselves from any content of external advertising.

§3 Participatio
Every natural person is entitled to participate (exceptions may be approved in writing in advance). Several accounts are not allowed in any case. If disregarded, they will be blocked immediately.

§4 Surfing
By using our service you accept the terms of our partner.

§5 payouts
A withdrawal can take up to 3 days. Any costs incurred for payment are borne by the member. A payment in BTC will only be made if the member has truthfully entered correct data in the profile. If the origin of the visitors does not generate any revenue for us from the advertiser, payments will also be canceled/reject. The current status of the payout is also always visible in the menu item "Payment". We reserve the right to refuse withdrawals without giving reasons.

§6 Miscellaneous
If errors in the system are exploited in favor of the project, an immediate blocking of the user account is carried out and / or the utilization is recognized as invalid. We reserve the right to withhold any dishonest revenue earned in favor of BTC4Surf.com.
If there are any questions or problems, please contact our support. Our team is always there for any concerns.